VersaAir™ Versatile Kansas Aerial Application
Row Crops & Pasture Spraying — Precision Aerial Application

VersaAir™ Services is a Kansas aerial application company providing herbicide, insecticide and fungicide to fields and pastures large or small throughout Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma and the rest of the Midwest. Combine that with chemical, agronomy and land surveying services, and you get all of your aerial application needs in one place. Find out why more people are going with the Slow & Low performance of VersaAir™  precision aerial application.

Herbicide Application
VersaAir herbicide aerial application will precisely remove weeds, and help free up your crops for better growth.
Insecticide Application
Protecting your crops against insects is important to your yields, and VersaAir can help.
Fungicide Application
VersaAir has an accurate and efficient way of applying fungicide to aid in disease control.
Cover Crop
Using VersaAir for cover crops will help control erosion, manage nutrients, reduce compaction and help with aeration.
Crop Fertilization (coming soon)
VersaAir utilizes helicopters for precision application of annual crop fertilizer – in wet or dry conditions.
Land Survey
Get a bird’s eye view your property with the hoverability and steadiness the helicopters of VersaAir can provide.
Row Crop Spraying
VersaAir precision aerial application provides up to 95% spray coverage, allowing for better yields.
Pasture Spraying
Rough terrain and hard-to-reach places make managing noxious weeds a tough task. VersaAir can help.
Government Spraying
VersaAir works with County and State offices to help manage crops and weed growth in fields, right-of-ways and pastures.
Land Survey
Get a bird’s eye view your property with the hoverability and steadiness the helicopters of VersaAir can provide.
Chemical Sales & Agronomy
VersaAir can analyze, recommend and provide the best inputs for your field or pasture.
VersaAir™ Advantages
How going aerial can help
Increase yields
with VersaAir
No soil compaction
Ground equipment leaves wheel tracks and compacts soil, restricting oxygen and water movement into and through the soil and root zone.
Wet or dry application
Wet soils do not keep VersaAir aerial applicators from spraying, and no time is wasted waiting for soil to dry.
No crop damage
Ground equipment can damage crops, sometimes up to 5%. That reduction in crop yield can all but pay for your aerial application.
VersaAir Helicopter
Find precision
with VersaAir
A more even coverage
The extra height above the crop created by our applicators can help create a more uniform spray pattern unlike those closer to their target that give an uneven application.
Large and small field precision
No matter the field size, VersaAir is able to service them all with the same precision and accuracy – covering areas much faster, often times more acres in an hour than a the guys on the ground do in a day.
Experience equals quality
Our pilots have a combined over 20 years of flight experience, and are continually attending education courses – certified by the FAA and EPA.

The VersaAir Advantage

A better way to spray

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